Basil and Beyond

Basil and Beyond is committed to fresh, all natural, locally produced food, urban farms, and grows all of its herbs in the City of Lakewood.

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In our modern area of big agribusiness, food is produced and shipped all over the world. In the United States, the average meal has traveled 1,500 miles to get to your plate. Buying local produced food reduces these "food miles" , reducing the energy required and pollution cause by shipment.


Food shipped from far away typically is bred for shelf life and ability to travel well, not taste or nutritional value. Basil and Beyond's herbs are cultivated right before they are sold, making them very fresh. Since we don't need to worry about shipping times, we can focus on growing great tasting herbs.


Locally produced food connects people, including our children, with their food supply and supports our local economy. Basil and Beyond is a Lakewood business, owned by a long time Lakewood supporter and resident of more than 2 decades.


As a small local farm, Basil and Beyond uses none of Earth's precious resources for large farm equipment, shipping long distances or elaborate packaging.

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The 2015 growing season has begun! For more information on where you can get Basil and Beyond's fresh, all natural herbs.